The Miivies 3D animation technology provides a full range of opportunities for recreating your brand. Let your users create content for you and liven up your website with stunning content.

 Let your customers interact and play with your brand

 Any brand can be brought to life with Miivies.

Miivies is an efficient and unique marketing vehicle. Bringing your brand to life with interaction and animation will have a significant impact to customer loyalty.

If the brand doesn't already have a graphical identity, character or personality, we can design a virtual

representative for you.

A 3D animation application can be developed and launched quickly by combining existing characters and assets with the framework.

Finally, You can take advantage of viral distribution opportunities. Depending on the brand, Miivies can also help to monetize your assets.

Some examples of Miivies  applications

Primetime TV-show with Miivies animations

Smart phone 3D animation

 application with branded


 Virtual news anchor and sales representatives

iPad animation app with TV  cartoon show assets

Dibidogs animation world comes alive with Dibitales!




Dibidogs characters come alive with The Dibitales software for mobile devices. The users can interact with their favorite characters by making short animated greetings and sending them to friends. Dibitales Greetings is a great way to say hello!

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